Backlit Gallery

Kinetic printwork programme for two seasons of Backlit galleries international artists.

Given the lineup and subjects covered by the artists, some overarching themes emerged. Transformation, evolving propagating sound, tensions through use of apposing media and folding moving spaces. That led us to use an op art approach, here we had a method that combined the traditional aspect of print media with a more modern interactive element. 

The programme included news of the expansion of the gallery into an old building built by Samuel Morley in the 1800’s. The logo used by Samuel’s company was the “flying wheel” so it felt apt to use this symbol and bring it to life. Morely was a trailblazer, very much a character ahead of his times. This gelled again with the mash up of traditional and modern media.

You can read a more detailed page about this project on behance or watch the full video on vimeo.